Thank You KC Royals


KC Royals - Thank You! The KC Royals baseball season started out like any ordinary baseball season. We picked out our favorite players for the year as we got ready for the season to begin and got our fantasy ball players in place. We watched and heard reports from their Spring training sessions and when the first pitch was thrown on the first day of the schedule, very few people ever thought we would be going to the 2014 World Series. 

In May one of the local Kansas City TV stations always has "School Day at the K" for the KC area children to take part in science experiments about weather and then stay and see a daytime baseball game. I bought tickets for my four grandchildren in Iowa, who had not been to the stadium to see a baseball game. I wanted them to experience all the excitement that comes with watching a real ballgame especially the KC Royals. Madeline, Hannah, Zachary and Greta as well as their parents had a wonderful day at the K, but they never imagined that the World Series would come to the KC Royals and to Kaufman Stadium as they were enjoying their hot dogs!

It had been since 1985 since the last World Series took place at the K and we won in the last game of the series. As in this last game of the World Series for 2014 we were sitting on the edge of our seats with anticipation of doing it all over again but as they say in the poem, "there is no joy in Mudville" we lost the game 3-2 to the San Francisco Giants. 

The 2014 World Series was not to be but for a brief time the world's spotlight was on Kansas City and its people. We were a class act and we would not have wanted it any other way. I have loved this city since when I was a child and later moved here to make it my home. 

Thank you KC Royals for a wonderful summer of baseball - you created so many memories for everyone and we are so grateful!




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Halloween is a special time for kids, it means dressing up in their favorite character and going from house to house collecting candy from friends and neighbors.

It has changed somewhat since I was a child growing up in Illinois. My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik usually made our costumes each year. She would begin talking about it in late September or early October on what we wanted to be. My brothers and I would go to the fabric store with her to pick out a pattern that closely fit what we wanted to be for that year. She would get her sewing machine going and over the years created some of the best costumes I ever had for Halloween. 

We knew she loved sewing on those costumes and we always got compliments each year. It was the anticipation of what the end product would look like that kept us checking on the progress daily after we came home from school. She had gotten so good over the years sewing our costumes that we hardly had to try them on for a fitting before she was finished.

In Illinois back in the late 1950's and 1960's in our town we could go out trick or treating for more than one day. Usually it would be a couple of days before October 31st. My brothers and I would wear our newly sewn costumes and those masks that got so sweaty and head on out to case the neighborhood. We had a parent go with us when we were little and then later on "big sister" was the one who watched out for my little brothers. Each night we would collect a full bag of candy and trinkets.

I remember the homemade goodies that several elderly ladies would make every Halloween for kids in the neighborhood. The popcorn balls, Halloween cookies that were so good to eat along the way or we would swap with our friends and there were the houses we had to sing a song before we got our candy. We always knew which houses and either avoided it or just did a quick song and moved on. 

When returning home after Trick or Treating we came home and dumped the candy out on the floor or kitchen table to gloat over how much candy we had collected. It was a simpler time back then - I am sure there were the bad people lurking out there in the shadows or mean people to put awful things into the goodies they handed out, but for me - I never experienced any of it. I have good memories only. Have a safe Halloween everyone and make it safe one - now go out there and create some memories to blog about later in life!!!!